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About Us

“My dresser is full of half-used aftershave bottles” - the sentence that led to a few lads in Galway starting Handsome Scent. We noticed that our bottles of expensive aftershave were piling up and only being used on ‘special’ occasions. There was a better way to wear aftershave, and we knew it.

We took the iconic scents that you love and gave them an Irish twist. Then we paired these aromas with a pocket-sized atomiser. The result is a 30-day supply of high-quality fragrances in a bottle that you can take anywhere.

Blaze a trail to success in your workplace. Exude confidence and command recognition.

From the pub to the club, your on-the-go fragrance makes you stand out from the crowd throughout the night.

Our products are airport-friendly. So, whether it’s a long weekend or 14 days, you’ll be prepared for anything.

Timely sprays during the date will leave her with one distinct thought: you smell irresistible.