Work & Play Combo
Work & Play Combo
Work & Play Combo

Work & Play Combo


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Your work and social lives are worlds apart, so why would they share the same fragrance? The Work/Play combo is made for the man who always smells on-point: bold, confident, and accomplished in the workplace, alluring, energetic, and sensual when socialising. Enter every room with a plan, the Work/Play Plan.


Work’s musk and Brazilian rosewood base notes leave an unmistakably bold aroma behind that forces others to look up and take note. The jasmine, orange, and sea notes in this fragrance are enchanting, lifting your mood and energy through the day. Wear your ambition, wear Work.


Cut through the crowd with the spicy notes and rich fruits at the heart of Play. The closer you get, the more it reveals its alluring, intense base courtesy of dark chocolate and balsam. Make the room revolve around you, choose Play.

Each 30-day supply = One 8ml vial (4 sprays per day).
Black Atomizer case included.

60 day supply = One Work & one Play vial
120 day supply = Two Work & two Play vials

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Our entire range of Eau de Parfum is composed of 20-25% perfume oil, placing it on par with the highest quality men’s fragrances in the world.

One to two sprays is enough to keep you smelling fresh for six to eight hours,so topping up on the go is effortless.


We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate and offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the product within one week of receiving it, we’ll give you a full refund.